As you may have noticed, my blog’s “theme” is “continually talk about establishing the formal structure of your blog while the structure is actually free-flowing yet responsive to concerns in a self-reflective, meta- way, which takes its own paradoxical yet pragmatic form.” In other words, I need to discuss the election and also discuss moving all my stuff to different platforms and related developments. So, I’m not following my schedule, but I’m aware of everything that needs to be done. Just trying to sync up.


November Pressure

I have reason to think I will be disenfranchised when I try to vote this year. Anyone who wants to follow that story can do so through here on my blog or through my Patreon blog if people want to join to get early access. I’m also participating in #NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. I’m going to be splitting up my blog posts, my poetry posts, and my art posts and distribute them strategically on any platforms they function on. I also have to actually write, draw, and record myself to produce all that beautiful content. Have to? Get to. Funny how the actual art can get mixed up in everything but the art. Or maybe it’s all art. Now I just need to find a platform where I can facilitate a meaningful and productive discussion about all these important topics.



I know I’ve been trying to keep goals I’ve made with myself, and I’m not meeting them. It seems every week, I say I will get back to my blogging/podcasting schedule, but I don’t know if I’ve been successful at posting as scheduled for even one week yet. I want to talk about so many subjects, especially in light of current events in these areas (music/film/tech/the nonprofit sector), but I can’t keep my website’s structure the same if I’m to include timely commentary on current events. Well, maybe I’m overwhelmed this week, but I may be underwhelmed next week.

Maintenance Blogging

I’m blogging today because I want to start/keep the blogging routine I set for myself theoretically as well as practically. I might move some IG-only poems/art to my blog/Patreon if I’m struggling with putting out completely new content for my blog every Monday and Friday.

I want to start a record label and/or publishing company still. I’m having difficulty connecting with people who are serious about the idea: they seem to philosophically agree that unifying and collaborating are good moral principles but have no practical ideas that I want to get on board with.

When’s Art Ready?

It seems that a culture of instant gratification calls for constant posting as a given. There always needs to be a new post, and it has to be better than the last. It has to perform better than the last, is the real criterion.

I’m glad that I have a more systematic way to make and organize my posts now, but I always need to stay flexible. If I do quality assurance before I send anything, then I can simply post when I’m scheduled to post, let the posts speak for themselves, and paradoxically, keep my posts “performing” at the level they should be.