Poems and Pictures

Inhibitor (Matt Maday)

I lined up the SSRIs on the dresser

like domino tiles pushed one

over tipped the others in


the epicenter of

mental balance faltered

and crumbled.

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The Good Villain (Matt Maday)

A matter of distinction

between foil villain anti hero

the good villain

you hate

how he got his money

but you love how he spends it

and his ethos

or aesthetic.

I’m super ugly trust

me if you think I’m pretty

you just caught a good side of me


you have a good view

because I beg

the question: are you the

good villain?


only wrongdoing’s

voyeuristically viewing me:

the good villain

are you the distinguishing feature of

the anti-hero

imprinted on the messenger killed

through inner conflict wrapped

in tin foil?